De Brauner admitted that he regretted taking painkillers

De Brauner admitted that he regretted taking painkillers. De Brauner recently interviewed the Belgian media HLN. He talked about his concussion in the Champions League final and his experience of injecting painkillers in the European Cup. “I had an eye socket injury (from the Champions League final), and my ankle injury was more serious after three group games in the European Cup.

 De Brauner

In the game against Portugal, I knew my ankle was not in good condition. In the game against Italy, I injected two injections of painkillers. If I knew in advance what damage it would cause to my ankle, I wouldn’t participate in the game.” The ligament injury problem made de Brauner feel very uncomfortable during the preseason. Referring to the concussion caused by the collision with ludig in the Champions League final, de Brauner said: “I don’t remember what happened after the collision with ludig. I later looked back at the photos. He just wanted to stop me, not hurt me. For me, this is not a red card action.”

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