Golden Globe ranking

The 2020 golden ball was cancelled due to the epidemic, but this year the world’s excellent players will have an impact on this award.

The award will not be presented until December this year. The players still have a few months to perform and are eager to grab the trophy from Messi, the winner of the 19-year Golden Globe Award. The following small series will list the top 10 players they think.

Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)

2021: 28 goals and 11 assists.

Benzema doesn’t need to carry the pot at the beginning of 2021-22 season. Since the start of this season, the French striker has scored 5 goals and contributed 6 assists in the first five La Liga games.

He is one of the biggest players in La Liga. If there are La Liga players who can challenge this honor, it will be him.

Kevin de Brauner

Romero Lukaku (Chelsea)

2021: 29 goals, 8 assists and won the serie a championship.

Lukaku’s role in Chelsea bridgehead is becoming more and more obvious. Almighty has become his label. It remains to be seen whether little Warcraft can reach the height of his predecessor Drogba.

Erlin Harland (Dortmund)

2021: 41 goals, 13 assists and won the German Cup.

In this European Cup, due to the early exit of the French team and the abnormal performance of other potential winners of the golden ball award, Harland, who failed to participate in the European Cup, narrowed the distance with them. Now, Dortmund’s striker is still hot.

He has scored seven goals and four assists in five Bundesliga games this season, and he also scored Champions League goals against Besiktas.

Killian mbape (Paris Saint Germain)

2021: 33 goals, 11 assists, won the French Cup and the French Super Cup.

Messi’s joining makes mbape more determined to leave. He still has a good performance at the beginning of this season, but he seems to have encountered some problems recently. See if he can adjust his state in time and launch an impact on the golden ball award.

Kevin de Brauner (Manchester City)

2021: 10 goals, 11 assists, winning the Premier League and Carling Cup.

For de Brauner, he has not come out of the Champions League defeat last season. His state in the new season is not very good, and injuries continue to haunt him.

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