Inventory: the five best midfielders in the world! How many people do you know?

First: Kevin de Brauner

He looks like Tintin, the hero of Belgian cartoon (Tintin’s Adventures)! A friendly nickname (Tintin) was given by fans and friends

The player who has been constantly abandoned has welcomed his bole and Guardiola in his best years. In Manchester City, he ushered in the spring of his career. He has grown all the way up the ball. Now his rainbow pass and accurate long pass guidance have become an indispensable weapon for Manchester City. He is also praised as the world’s first midfielder for his creativity and skilled technology.

Second: Joshua kimich

Now playing for Bayern Munich, he has good physical quality and stability. No matter where he is, he can play very well. He has excellent position and tactical awareness, never avoids interception, has unshakable will to win and enviable endurance, and his running distance, passing times, steals and other data are often among the best in the team.


Third: Tony cross

Since Tony cross moved to Madrid from Bayern Munich, it can be said that his game has reached a new height. Cross is calm, calm and always confident in controlling the ball. He is the conductor of the midfield and plays a bridge for the Spanish giants. He is the backbone of Madrid’s five trophies in 2017-18.

Fourth: Bruno Fernandez

As the core of the new generation of Manchester United, the arrival of one person has changed the middle and front court of Manchester United. The Jianghu people call him B fee. He can run, pass and shoot. He is a versatile offensive player of the team in series! Goals, assists and victories, he brought new surprises to the Red Devils fans.

Fifth: ngolo Cantor

Kanter’s smile is probably the most infectious smile in football. He faces everything with a smile at any time. This optimistic African American boy, like many black players, grew up poor. Once Cantor was the world’s No. 1 defensive midfielder. He was everywhere. He never sticks to the ball. 125 steals and 158 intercepts made him win the title of “new maclele”. However, with intermittent injuries in recent years, the discussion on whether his state can return to the peak has never stopped.


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