It’s hard to save a midfielder with a hat! Manchester City Fire

At 3 a.m. on September 16, in the 2021-22 Champions League group match, the first round of group a ushered in a focus game: Manchester City vs Leipzig at home. Group A with Paris Saint Germain, Manchester City, Leipzig and Bruges can also be called the “group of death”. Great Paris and Manchester City are the favorites to win the championship, but Leipzig is not easy to deal with. Manchester City, the defending champion of the Premier League, has been getting better recently. After losing 1-0 to Tottenham in the first round of the Premier League in the new season, they won three consecutive victories.

Leipzig, a new strong player in the Bundesliga, has been disappointing at the beginning of this season. It ranked 12th in the Bundesliga table with 1-3 in the first four rounds. It was defeated 1-4 in the last round by Bayern, the defending Bundesliga champion who stayed for the Champions League.

In the battle, Manchester City played in the 433 starting formation, with Ferran Torres playing the center, left winger geralish, right winger Mahrez, three midfielders Bernardo Silva, rodry, Kevin De Bruyne, AK and Ruben DIAS forming a double center back, left back zinchenko, right back canselo and goalkeeper edsen.

Kevin De Bruyne

Leipzig is in the 4231 formation, with Andre Silva playing as the center, nkumku, Fosbury and Olmo on the avant-garde line, Adams and Lemmer on the double back, Angelino, muquille, Orban and Klosterman on the four backs, and gulaz on the goalkeeper.

In the 16th minute of the opening, Manchester City broke the deadlock at home. Gralish opened a corner and AK header in the restricted area, leading Manchester City 1-0.

In the 28th minute, Kevin De Bruyne crossed the restricted area, mukile nodded and headed the ball back to the own goal. Manchester City 2-0 Leipzig.

In the 42nd minute, Leipzig pulled back the city, the high-altitude ball on the left side of the Fosbury restricted area crossed to the back point, mukile headed back, and nkumku headed the goal successfully.

Before the end of the first half, Manchester City got a penalty and Mahrez took the penalty. Manchester City 3-1 Leipzig.

In the second half, Manchester City continued to attack. In the 46th minute, Kevin De Bruyne made a straight plug and Ferran Torres shot. He was not strong enough and was confiscated by the goalkeeper.

In the 51st minute, Olmo picked and passed in front of the goal, and nkumku nodded and scored the goal. Leipzig chased the score to 2-3.

In the 56th minute, Diaz passed a long high-altitude ball in the middle of the field, and glalish broke into the restricted area with the ball and scored the goal. Manchester City 4:2 Leipzig.

In the 73rd minute, nkumku completed a hat trick, Leipzig 3:4 Manchester City.

The 75th minute, cannello world wave broke the door, Manchester City 5:3 Leipzig.

In the 85th minute, the substitute gersus scored, and Manchester City locked the score at 6-3.

In another game in the same group, the favourites to win the title were tied 1-1 by Bruges. Manchester City finished first in the group with three points. In the second round, Manchester City will go to Paris, which will be a hard battle!

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