Manchester City’s team is worth up to 1.05 billion euros, ranking first in the whole football world!

According to the data of the German transfer market, the value of Manchester City is as high as 1.05 billion euros. Among them, de Brauner, the core midfielder, has the highest value, reaching 100 million euros.

On the front line, the British star sterling is worth 90 million euros, the value of Jesus is 60 million euros, the value of Mahrez is 42 million euros, and the value of glalish who joined in the summer is 65 million euros. The value of the two substitutes, Fernando Torres, is 50 million euros and the value of the youngster Keji is 14 million euros.

Manchester City

In the midfield, de Brauner is worth 100 million euros, and the main players Bernardo Silva and rodry are worth 70 million euros; The team’s crown prince Foden is worth 80 million euros, second only to de Brauner; The two substitutes, jingduo’an, are worth 40 million euros and 36 year old veteran Fernando inho is worth 2 million euros.

On the defence line, Ruben DIAS, the core of defence, is worth up to 75 million euros; Main player Laporte, worth 45 million euros; Two substitute centre backs, AK worth 32 million euros and stone worth 30 million euros. In the left back position, Mendi, who joined in 57.5 million euros at that time, is now worth only 20 million euros, and zinchenko is worth 28 million euros; At right back, cancelo is worth 55 million euros and walker is worth 28 million euros.

Goalkeeper position: the value of main goalkeeper Edson is 50 million euros, the value of substitute goalkeeper Stephen is 6 million euros, and the value of third goalkeeper Carson is only 300000 euros.

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