Manchester United have suffered for a long time! De Braun dyed yellow highlights the embarrassment of the little red card, and the Red Devils suffer losses as normal

Whenever Manchester United fans, even soshaw and players question the referee and express that the team has encountered “unfair treatment”, they are greeted with online ridicule. There are also some offensive remarks that are greater than ridicule, which make people bigger.

Everyone has his own position and can even be unscrupulous in the virtual network environment.

Manchester United under soshaw got the most penalties in the Premier League in the same period, but according to the rules or the penalty standards in the same cycle, how many problems are there?

Now Manchester United has encountered a series of unfair decisions, which is a fact visible to the naked eye: Manchester City’s stampede in the game against greater Paris in the early morning of this morning, de Brauner was very familiar to Manchester United fans. In the last round of away game, Wan pisaka got a red card because of such a similar action. Where’s de Browne? Yellow card.

Of course, this is not an example of Manchester United’s recent unfair punishment.

Manchester City went to greater Paris. In the 41st minute of the first half, de Brauner fouled in the process of fighting and stepped on Gaier’s left leg.

Although de Brauner first encountered the ball, this action with a strong injurious nature belongs to the “reckless and injurious action” in the referee’s penalty standard. Therefore, the referee on duty listened to var.

But in the end, de Brauner was only shown a yellow card.

A similar scene appeared in the first round of Manchester United’s away game against young people in the Champions League group stage. Wanpiska had a similar foul action. He stepped on the opposing player fiercely and touched the ball before stepping on it.

But he got a red card.

There are many explanations for this difference: the referee is merciful; The referee’s punishment on wanpiska was too severe; At that time, Manchester United was 1-0 ahead, while Manchester City was 0-1 behind. More importantly, it was an “oil Derby” with explosive attention. An early red card would ruin a “feast” and so on.

Lampard put pressure on the referee before the FA Cup semi-final in the 19-20 season, and then beat the tired Red Devils with 20 + unlicensed fouls; By the beginning of controversial events such as Odom’s handball last season and Maguire’s top breaking Burnley gate being blown off, Manchester United had essentially become a vulnerable group under the penalty scale of the Premier League.

“Gentleman football” is a concept of soshaw. There is no hardness in the Manchester United team and an iron man who makes all villains think twice.

When the opponent plays Manchester United, in addition to technical and tactical deployment, he should first test the referee’s scale, and then log the Manchester United players.

B fee was ignored by saints, and then Manchester United lost the ball; Saints pushed Sanjiao’s head and output “Liwei” malice; Pull to lingard in noble restricted area; Watkins’ interference with de GEA before villa’s header victory, one after another, can be called a “blood debt”.

“As long as Manchester United players can get up, it’s not a foul”, which is a self mockery close to despair

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