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Kevin de Brauner

Golden Globe ranking

The award will not be presented until December this year. The players still have a few months to perform and are eager to grab the trophy from Messi, the winner of the 19-year Golden Globe Award. The following small series will list the top 10 players they think.

De Braun

Manchester United have suffered for a long time! De Braun dyed yellow highlights the embarrassment of the little red card, and the Red Devils suffer losses as normal

Now Manchester United has encountered a series of unfair decisions, which is a fact visible to the naked eye: Manchester City’s stampede in the game against greater Paris in the early morning of this morning, de Brauner was very familiar to Manchester United fans. In the last round of away game, Wan pisaka got a red card because of such a similar action. Where’s de Browne? Yellow card.


Inventory: the five best midfielders in the world! How many people do you know?

The player who has been constantly abandoned has welcomed his bole and Guardiola in his best years. In Manchester City, he ushered in the spring of his career. He has grown all the way up the ball. Now his rainbow pass and accurate long pass guidance have become an indispensable weapon for Manchester City. He is also praised as the world’s first midfielder for his creativity and skilled technology.

Kevin De Bruyne

Golden Globe Ranking

The 2020 Ballon d’Or was forced to be cancelled due to the epidemic, but this year the best players from around the world will take on the award. The award will not be presented until December this year, and players still have a few months to perform, eager to snatch the trophy from 19-year Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi. Below Blkids will rank what they think are the top 10 players.